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Tell the BC Government you don’t want your tax dollars funding Jumbo Glacier Resort

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It’s been more than a year since the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality was created by the BC government with a $260,000 handout. With no tax base and no resident population, the JGMRM had no revenue. ... Read more »

BC Supreme Court Ruling on Ktunaxa's Qat'muk Judicial Review Petition

Read the full decision here. 

Earth Week: Watermark Film Screenings in Cranbrook and Kimberley

Celebrate Earth Week with Edward Burtynsky's film Watermark and Bonnie Harvey from the Ktunaxa Nation, speaking on water. Following the success of Manufactured Landscapes, Edward Burtynsky is back with a new project, a three-year exploration of our relationship with water around the world. ... Read more »

A Jumbo Missed Opportunity to Recognize Ktunaxa Rights

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Yesterday, the BC Supreme Court dismissed the Ktunaxa Nation’s petition challenging the Master Development Agreement of the Jumbo Glacier Resort. 

“The decision of the BC Supreme Court is unfortunate”, said Robyn Duncan of Wildsight. “It was a missed opportunity to recognize the spiritual and cultural rights of the Ktunaxa Nation.” ... Read more »

195 Legally Binding Commitments

Attached is Appendix F of the Environmental Certificate for the Jumbo Glacier Resort, outlining the 195 legally-binding commitments. 


Hansard Transcripts

Hansard Transcripts from March 25, 2014 in Debates of the Legislative Assembly, Estimates for the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

Find the original transcripts here. Debate begins at 14:15PM ... Read more »

Columbia Lake Park: Help ensure its long-term protection

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Columbia Lake is the headwaters lake of the Columbia River system and a jewel in the Columbia Valley, treasured by locals and visitors alike. ... Read more »

Share your love of the wild: Help get kids outside


You love the wild: The beauty of an untouched mountain valley. The still waters of a lake at dusk. The intricate web of an ecosystem.

Maybe you were lucky enough to grow up with the wild. Maybe there was a formative place or person that was your introduction to the wonder of the natural world. Or maybe you’ve only recently come to love the wild. ... Read more »