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National forum offers path forward for freshwater protection in B.C. that can benefit the Columbia Basin


From January 27th to 29th, water issues in British Columbia were centre stage as watershed groups, researchers, professional resource managers, and decision-makers at all levels of government, including First Nations, came together to re-envision the way we use, share, and respec ... Read more »

Environmental groups declare victory in endangered species protection case

Court rules federal government acted ‘unlawfully’ in delaying recovery strategies for at-risk species  ... Read more »

The Winning Artist - Creston Valley Bird Fest 2014


Congratulations to Bruce Paterson, the Creston Valley Bird Festival Artist for 2014.  ... Read more »

Flathead Art Exhibition Opening in Cranbrook

jc rose.

Conservation meets art in this stunning exhibition. Five local artists participated in an artist retreat in the Flathead Valley. Painting alongside iconic plein air painter Dwayne Harty, their goal was tell the story of the Flathead through paintbrush. ... Read more »

Royal BC Museum presents Flathead Science in Cranbrook and Fernie

Bioblitz Jaime Rojo .jpg

The Flathead River Valley is well known for charismatic mega fauna such as grizzly bears and moose, but, over the past few years teams of researchers have discovered it’s also home to dozens of uncommon, tiny critters such as bugs, bats and birds. ... Read more »

A Wild Life in the Flathead Valley


Join Royal BC Museum (RBCM) biologists Claudia Copley and Melissa Frey to hear about the Flathead Bioblitz, their findings and why the rich biodiversity of the Flathead deserves to be protected... Read more »