Regatta is back and wetter than ever

On July 24, 2010, the Lake Windermere Regatta returns

It’s been about 40 years since sailboats swept across the waters of Lake Windermere in an organized regatta— 40 years too long, say the Lake Windermere Ambassadors.

That’s why they’re planning the 2010 Lake Windermere Regatta and Water Stewardship Event. The 2010 Lake Windermere Regatta will take place on the afternoon of Saturday, July 24, 2010.

The regatta—which will include both land and water activities—runs in tandem with Valley Appreciation Day, PyneStock, and the Bull Riding in the Rockies rodeo as part of the Columbia Valley and Mountain Summer Festival.

“The whole weekend celebrates community,” says Kalista Pruden, Wildsight’s LWP coordinator. “The regatta events celebrate the gorgeous lake and the people who care about it.

“People can enjoy family-friendly activities,” Pruden says. “There will be sand-art contests, sailing and swimming races, a water-ski demonstration, a volleyball tournament and other beach and water activities,” she says. “There are prizes for each event—and all events are free.”

In addition, Pynelogs Cultural Centre will host an exhibit featuring four local artists that will celebrate water in the Valley. There will also be a Love Your Lake photo contest, complete with a panel of expert judges.

“Lake Windermere is a jewel,” Pruden says. “As a vital natural resource it contributes to ecosystem health, and as a cultural resource it contributes to the local economy and to a very unique sense of place.”

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors hope to attract participants from around the region, from Alberta and even further afield. “We want to give people enough time to plan for the regatta,” Pruden said. “And give them the chance to register early.”

The regatta also marks the completion of the Lake Windermere Project, a five-year community effort that helped maintain the ecological integrity of Lake Windermere.

“The community responded to the project, and the results are outstanding,” Pruden says. “The LWP was chosen as a national best practices example for community-based monitoring by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. And the creation of the Ambassadors committee is a wonderful success: this committee will ensure water quality monitoring and education continues on the lake into the future.”

To register for the regatta, please contact the Lake Windermere Project at 341-6898. Additional details will be released in the coming month.


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Lake Windermere Regatta:
Kalista Pruden, Lake Windermere Project Program Coordinator, Wildsight
250.341.6898    •

Photo: Historical photo from the 1964 Lake Windermere Regatta. In the photo from left to right are: Arlee Scholinder, Doreen Weppler, and Jacqueline Vollmin.
Photo courtesy of Windermere Valley Historical Society.

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