Lake's shoreline at risk

The rate of natural shoreline loss on Okanagan Lake is approximately 2% per year. With 57% currently modified by docks, retaining walls, marinas and other structures, it is possible to reach complete shoreline disturbance within a generation. Okanagan Lake is looking toward Shoreline Management Guildelines to help direct shoreline development to preserve sensitive habitats and reduce cumulative impacts to the lake. 

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The East Kootenay Integrated Lake Management Partnership, which includes government agencies, First Nations, and community groups, including Wildsight, completed Shoreline Management Guidelines for Lake Windermere in 2008. This process lead to a Lake Management Plan which was recently adopted by local government. Currently, Lake Windermere is at 63% modification, however, we can celebrate increased protection measures for the remaining important fish and wildlife habitats, and encourage restoration for those areas of shoreline already disturbed.


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