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“Youth are looking for something to believe in and that will inspire them. The wilderness with all of its complexities, gives Go Wild participants the time to slow down and experience the simple things in life that are important: community, team building, trust, kindness, and care for self and others.”

Jodie, Kyle’s mom. Kyle was a Summer Go Wild participant in 2009

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It’s the 10-year anniversary of Education in the Wild and we’re asking for your financial support so we can continue to offer these programs in 2011.

Ecological education is a pillar of conservation work.

During the last decade, Wildsight has hosted 32,000 students on 1,150 educational field trips to wetland, grassland and forest ecosystems. We’ve developed curricula for each grade level. We’ve hired educators. We’ve introduced young people to the ecosystems that support them.

Education in the Wild is. . .

We don’t want any students to miss out

Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis our economy has faced in the past year, some of our traditional funding sources can no longer support Education in the Wild.

This is a big problem we hope you can help solve.

To provide Education in the Wild next year, we need financial support from new sources: from individuals like you, from businesses who care, and from organizations who believe in our values.

We don’t want any students to miss out on Education in the Wild.

$250 will help one class go on a Classroom with Outdoors field trip.

That’s 20 to 30 students.

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What teachers are saying

‘Any time we can get the students outside in nature's beauty, it always has a positive impact on awareness, skills and behaviour toward environmental stewardship. We love this program!!’

‘The hands-on approach teaches kids to preserve the environment and it's more useful than any other technique.’


Thank you in advance for supporting Education in the Wild in whatever capacity you can.

Your contributions and enthusiasm make our work successful, meaningful and promising.


For the Wild,

Paul Bach

Chair of the Wildsight Regional Council


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