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Elk River Alliance partners with CBT Know Your Watershed 'Student Action Project'

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Since when does a community turn 42 Grade 8 science students from Fernie Secondary School loose on the city to paint the town?

When it is for fish, naturally. ... Read more »

RiverSong Crown of the Continent Choir and Photos


A Celebration of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park & The Transboundary Flathead River ... Read more »

Seeking Scientists for Flathead BioBlitz

The first-ever BioBlitz in British Columbia's Flathead River Valley will be held this summer. Following in E.O. Wilson's footsteps (he was the originator of the BioBlitz concept), we are sending a team of intrepid biologists, earth scientists and naturalists to BC's Flathead to begin to catalogue the area's biodiversity and raise awareness of its need for permanent protection. ... Read more »

Fernie Nature Tours: A Local Social Enterprise


This winter Fernie Nature Tours is stepping into a new phase of social responsibility. Fernie Nature Tours has recently made the shift from an independently owned business to a social enterprise of the Wildsight Elk Valley Branch. A social enterprise applies an entrepreneurial approach to addressing social or environmental issues and creating positive community change. ... Read more »

The Royal treatment for the Flathead


Flathead Mining Ban Gets Legislation in B.C ... Read more »

Flathead Far From Protected Despite Legislation

True conservation would be a National Park and Wildlife Management Area

Legislation to ban mining and energy development in B.C.’s Flathead River Valley is a welcome first step but the Flathead remains far from protected, conservation groups said today. ... Read more »

Celebrate and Care for the Elk River – Rivers Day Event


Clear blue skies, warm temperatures and clear flowing clean water – magnets for the Elk River. Talk to residents and the ribbon of life connecting our communities has been a focus for activity this summer whether floating, fishing or dunking. ... Read more »

Garbage and apple trees will attract bears into town once the berries run out

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Carelessly stored garbage and apple trees are the root causes of bear human conflict in Fernie. What is the problem with bear’s eating apples? Apples are a fine food source for bears. They are very similar to many natural foods that bears normally eat. The problem is that most apple trees are located in people’s yards. ... Read more »

MLA blasts BC Oil and Gas Commission, Clark Liberals, for fracking water licence award in northeast

Independent MLA Bob Simpson is raising new questions today about the conduct of the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission in regards to water licences recently issued or pending for gas exploration companies in northeast B.C. ... Read more »

Water Wonder Series - Fernie


Hey Kids! Come have fun and learn about water in a whole new way this summer.
Enjoy games and hands-on science experiments. Meet new friends and take field trips to Fernie wetlands and ponds.

Four Tuesday Afternoon (1 -‐ 4pm) Workshops ... Read more »

Launch of Elk Valley Bear Aware blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed

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It’s now even easier for Elk Valley residents to be bear
aware.  The new Elk Valley Bear
Aware blog www.elkvalleybearaware.wordpress.com
will allo ... Read more »

Wildsight Urges Provincial Pesticide Legislation Before Summer 2011

Wildsight congratulates Premier Clark and Opposition Leader Adrian Dix for announcing their united commitment to introducing provincial pesticide legislation, and urges this legislation be passed before summer. 


New Elk Valley Branch office in Fernie

Wildsight Elk Valley has opened an office in Fernie. ... Read more »

Green war brewing over ‘fracking’ for gas

British Columbia’s nex ... Read more »

Elk River on endangered list again

The Elk River has been named the ninth most endangered river in the
province, in a list compiled by the Outdoor Recreation Council (ORC).

The Elk River was eighth on the list last year and 12th in 2009, when it first appeared on the list.

The ORC blamed development, increasing selenium levels and wildlife migration issues for pushing the river into the list. ... Read more »

Elk River makes BC's Endangered River List

For the third straight year the Elk River has made it on the list of British Columbia's most endangered rivers.  Citing concerns about development, increasing selenium levels and wildlife migration issues, the Elk River came in at 9th place on this years list.
   ... Read more »

American Lawn Activist Returns to Canada

Appearances to mark 20th Anniversary of First Pesticide Ban ... Read more »

Ban Elk Valley CBM, before it conjures up a fracking nightmare


CBM production uses technology that’s been banned in Quebec, New York and France.

What involves deep drilling, creates large volumes of waste water and unleashes chemical cocktails? What makes tap water flammable and prompts provinces, states and countries to ban it?

If you said fracking, you’re right. ... Read more »

B.C. should follow Quebec's lead on fracking

On Tuesday, Quebec banned hydraulic fracturing, a method used to
extract unconventional gas that is also known as "fracking.”
British Columbia’s new Premier-designate, Christy Clark, has extolled
the virtues of natural gas as part of BC’s clean energy future and wants
to increase exports of oil and gas. Given the frightening experiences ... Read more »

Fraccing decisions in Quebec raise questions about B.C.’s approach

On Tuesday, Quebec's
Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement (BAPE) recommended
a pause on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in the province until the
potential health and environmental impacts are better understood. Shortly after ... Read more »

Inspiring Wolvernie Conservation

A biologist is coming to Fernie to talk about wolverines and to try to stop their decline.

Doug Chadwick followed the fascinating animals for five years
in Montana’s Glacier National Park, and is passionate about protecting
them. ... Read more »

Conservation group chips in for Flathead Valley protection

Wildsight says more still needs to be done to completely protect area

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC} and The Nature Conservancy (TNC - the U.S. branch) announced funding of $9.4 million this week to help remove major threats to the Flathead River Valley. ... Read more »

Wolverine Way tour tearing through town

The Wolverine Way - Cover

Wolverine Way tour tearing through town

Doug Chadwick followed this gnarly critter for five years—learn what he learned ... Read more »

Former officials call for park protection

Eight former park superintendents are pressing the U.S. and Canadian governments to pass protection for areas adjacent to Glacier National Park in Montana and Waterton Lakes National Park just across the border.

Continue reading this online here.