Biggest year yet for Wildsight’s Winter Wonder


More kids than ever learning the ecology of ‘cool.’

What do snowshoe hares and kids have in common? Neither of them hibernate. And the winter can be a long, challenging time for each. For snowshoe hares, it’s all about avoiding predators and finding food. But for kids in the Columbia Basin, it’s all about staying active in spite of the cold weather.

Wildsight is once again offering kids a great opportunity to get outside and learn about ecology this winter. Winter Wonder, an educational program for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students in the Columbia Basin, is up and running all through January and February, and the response has been terrific.

“We’re booked to take 131 classes on Winter Wonder field trips,” said Monica Nissen, Wildsight’s Education in the Wild program manager. “It’s a record number, and we’re maxed out for the year.”

During the field trips, students embark on outdoor adventures within walking distance of their schools. They learn how to read the snow for signs of animals and how plants adapt to changing temperatures.

The ten Wildsight educators who deliver the curriculum have to be quick on their feet to find examples of animal and plant adaptation, but in such a snowy winter it’s not difficult.

Kara Hunt, who teaches at Nicholson Elementary in Golden, appreciates the program: “The interpreter was excellent. She was passionate, energetic and had a wonderful way with the children. I can’t imagine how you would improve on this. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience.”

Wildsight designed the curriculum to meet B.C. Ministry of Education science learning outcomes for each grade level. Nissen says it’s always great to see just how much students enjoy learning in the outdoors, and how much they learn from year to year.

“Students experience how inspiring nature can be in this amazing season,” she said. “Parents can talk to their kids about what they learned—or even volunteer as a parent helper on a Wildsight field trip.”

If you’d like to volunteer during your child’s field trip, contact your child’s teacher.

Coming in May and June, Wildsight will offer Classroom With Outdoors, a day-long field trip program for Grades 4 to 7. Teachers can book early by calling 250-427-9325 or

Wildsight gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Columbia Basin Trust, which delivers social, economic and environmental benefits to the residents of the Columbia Basin. As well, Wildsight thanks North Face Explore Fund and FortisBC for supporting this program.


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Hey! Reporters are welcome to come along on a Winter Wonder trip. 
Contact the Wildsight office for info about the nearest trip in your community. Call 250-427-9325.

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