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I would like to invite you to imagine a future in which nature and economy go hand in hand. In which we are motivated by our love of this stunning place to work together to keep our water clean, our landscapes wild and our community sustainable. I invite you to imagine a place where you feel rooted and connected, where your life is in balance, where you are inspired.

This dream of a connected, sustainable community doesn’t come about by itself, but we at Wildsight Kimberley/Cranbrook believe it’s possible. Together, through our combined actions, we can make an enormous difference.


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. ~Chinese Proverb

One of our branch’s main focus areas is Sustainable Food. With increasing demands on our natural world, it becomes ever more important to re-localize. Food that is sourced locally uses less fossil fuel to get here. Food that is grown without chemicals is better for humans and all living things. Food that is accessible across class and income level strengthens the fabric of the entire community.

In other words, focus on food and the effects will be felt far and wide.

Determined to reduce household waste, we deliver hands-on composting programs to school kids, and send colourful composting info sheets to every Cranbrook homeowner.

But connection is not only about food. Connection is also about place. Our Go Wild! program takes Grade 9 students from Selkirk High on a five-day guided backpacking trip. Removed from everyday distraction, these amazing kids learned how to rely on themselves and on each other. It’s safe to say that none of them come back unchanged.

We’re working hard to achieve our dream of a community in which humans and nature can thrive—a community of connection, of inspiration.

Our Kimberley & Cranbrook branch focuses on the following programs:

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Kimberley Farmers' Market

Event Date:  Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wildsight Kimberley/Cranbrook operates this popular farmers’ market every Thursday from 5-7:30pm - June 23rd to September 8th, 2016. Local area fruit and vegetables, eggs, meat, sourdough bread and honey, handcrafted art, jewelry, body care products, fresh baked goods, and ready to food.

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2-495 Wallinger Avenue
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1Z6
Phone: 250-427-9325 x221

Join The Team

Want to protect wildlife, clean water and wild spaces? Volunteer with us! Wildsight volunteers are a very special group of people who give generously of their time to stuff envelopes, attend rallies, help run events, put up posters, keep tabs on forestry practices in their communities and participate in citizen science initiatives.