Keep forestry lands under public control


The provincial government is recommending changes to how logging takes place in British Columbia. These changes will increase control and management of our forests to corporations, making public input into the use of provincial lands even more difficult.  ... Read more »

The raw power of nature in action in the Flathead

On a recent hike to BC’s Flathead Valley a group of teens and I saw the raw power of nature in action. Our trip was part of Wildsight’s Go Wild! Program, which aims to connect teens to wilderness areas and to get them to understand conservation issues.

Read the blog post on MEC's website.

Recovering Grizzly Populations are not a Threat to Humans

Wildsight has been engaged with grizzly bear population surveys as well as efforts to assure healthy grizzly bear populations in the region for several decades. ... Read more »

Pursuing the "Good"

Luke Blog Image.png

A parting blog from Invermere's Outreach Coordinator, Luke Wonneck  ... Read more »

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