Mount Polley Mine Disaster Raises Questions for Citizens of BC


It’s been over three months since the Mount Polley mine disaster. Distant summer memories of snapshots show mountains of toxic tailings debris coating the once pristine Hazeltine and Cariboo Creek beds. Images of a grey plume of necrosis, entering the emerald Quesnel and Polley Lakes. This once iconic scenery of beautiful British Columbia suddenly reflecting the moonscape of oil sands tailing ponds. ... Read more »

Enforceable Water Quality Standards Needed to Address Elk River Selenium Issues

Selenium poisoning of fish in the Elk River has been a hot topic in the East Kootenay for at least a decade. It's now grabbed national and international attention, with recent articles pointing out the severe impacts of selenium on the Elk River ecosystem.

Wildsight sounded the alarm on this issue several years ago, but discussions about selenium only came into the spotlight as new mines were proposed in the region. ... Read more »

Jumbo: No Substance

Jumbo from Bastille, PM sm.jpg

By Robyn Duncan

October 12 was a landmark date in the ongoing Jumbo saga. It was the date that I, and many others, have been awaiting for five years. At 11:59pm on October 12, the Environmental Certificate for the Jumbo Glacier Resort expired. Maybe. Over the course of the past 24 years, there have been a lot of landmark dates and landmark decisions. The question is always: what does this mean? What now? Here’s my take on where we're at and where we're going.

Jumbo Glacier Resort Environmental Certificate ... Read more »

Notes from the Field: Jumbo Wild


With less than a month to start substantial construction before their environmental certificate expires, Glacier Resorts has all hands on deck. Construction vehicles transporting bridge components and other building materials have been rumbling up the Jumbo Valley for the last several weeks. Since the certificate has already been extended, this is their final chance. If they don’t succeed in their plans to build a permanent bridge and lay foundations for a day lodge and ski lift, it will be the end of the line—no more extensions.

Committed and passionate volunteers have set up a Jumbo Wild monitoring camp to make sure that Glacier Resorts satisfies all of the pre-construction requirements laid out by the Environmental Assessment Office. ... Read more »

Dispatches from the Jumbo Monitoring Camp


Guest Blog: K.L. Kivi from the Jumbo Monitoring Camp

Jumbo Valley, September 9, 2014

After a sudden, fierce shower last night, the Jumbo sky cleared suddenly, revealing the full moon rising sharply over the ridge to the east.

Even though the ridge is kilometers away, each tree stood out like a jagged tooth in front of the perfectly round, bright face of the moon.

We crawled into our cold beds shortly after a bank of fog ate the vista, moon and all. ... Read more »

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