A New Home: Guest Blog by Raegan Mallinson


Sitting on my new back deck, listening to the humming of nearby Cottonwood Creek and a light breeze of the early hot spring night has instilled in me a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. Having spent childhood summers on Kootenay Lake, the area has become engrained as a place to call home. ... Read more »

Selenium Science Facts

Wildsight believes that information in regard to selenium and other pollutants of water quality in the Elk River must be based on best available science. It is important that the serious nature of the contamination be recognized in designing plans to return the health of the Elk River system. ... Read more »

Spring cleansing!

I am a passionate believer in the whole ‘let food be thy medicine’ movement a la documentaries such as Food Matters and Forks over Knives. One of the consistent themes of the documentaries, books, blogs and websites about healthy eating is the power of cleansing using juices, smoothies and raw foods. ... Read more »

Wildlife will need ‘room to roam’

Flathead from Mount Hefty Fire Lookout

Warmer winters and hotter summers, decreasing snow pack and earlier spring melts, declining stream flows and warmer streams, and longer wildfire seasons with more severe fires.

That’s the direction the regional climate is going, as measured in the field by researchers. Due to these changes, wildlife needs—more than ever—room to roam as they track their shifting habitats. ... Read more »

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