Alexander Creek, Crown Mountain Coal and Racehorse Pass Quarry

Recently I traveled up Alexander Creek to check out the proposed “Crown Mountain Coking Coal Project” between Grave Lake and Racehorse Pass. Tucked up between and behind Elkview and Line Creek mines, and adjacent to two recently acquired private conservation lands, is a low ridge surrounded by jagged rocky mountain peaks and the Continental Divide / BC Alberta Border. 

Here Jameson Resources / NWP Coal are proposing a large open pit coal mine.

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Chaos in the Elk Valley

Shortly following the approval of the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan (EVWQP) by the BC government, several new mine proposals and mine expansions have reared their heads in the Elk Valley.  It remains unclear how the objectives of reduced water contaminants in the Elk River can be reached in the presence of new mines.  The EVWQP was drafted by Teck and only takes into consideration Teck’s mining plans. It doesn’t allow for any additional contaminants from other non-Teck mines.  This means that any new mine would have to have absolutely zero impact on water quality. Can this be achieved? ... Read more »

Signs of Life: Taking Part in Winter Wonder


Today I got to enjoy a Winter Wonder lesson with a Grade 2/3 class in Kimberley, BC. The day began with a lesson in the classroom about how animals adapt to winter. After figuring out if each animal was a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore, the eager kids waited for their turn to identify various animal parts—skulls and even grizzly bear fur! ... Read more »

Mapping the Wolverine Way: Identifying conservation corridors and transboundary linkages for wolverines in the Canadian Crown

Sundance wolverine.jpg

I recently had the opportunity to join a group of researchers led by Tony Clevinger who are “camera trapping” and “hair snagging“ wolverines this winter in the southern Rockies between Kootenay National Park and Cranbrook.  Wildsight previously provided a dozen cameras for a wolverine study in the Purcell Mountains that was conducted by the Ministry of Forest, Land and Natural Resources (FLNRO). Wildsight is a member of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative that is a partner in the present study in the Rockies. ... Read more »

Fall in Love with the Wild


“In every living thing there is a desire for love, for the relationship of unison with the rest of things.” –D.H. Lawrence

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day we’re going to show our love of the wild—our favourite rivers, lakes, mountains and wooded groves. We’re going to go outside and look up at the stars and promise to keep working to protect wildlife and wild places, forging an ever-deeper connection to nature and to each other. 

And you can too. Here are some ideas for a Wild Valentine’s Day.  ... Read more »

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