Local Food in the Kitchen Workshops Teach Food Preservation

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This summer and fall, the Local Food in the Kitchen workshops series will show locals how to preserve seasonal food from the peak of the harvest for the long Kootenay winter.
“There is plenty of local food available in the East Kootenay” said Cranbrook Food Action Committee’s Shannon Duncan, ”but it can be hard to eat local over the winter without the knowledge to turn seasonal food into preserved food.”

“And no one wants to eat the same thing all winter” added Wildsight’s Jessica Windle, “but with traditional techniques like fermentation, you can make a huge variety of tasty and nutritious preserved foods from simple ingredients.” ... Read more »

Flathead Bat BioBlitz May Help Canada’s Endangered Bats


Bat biologists are converging in B.C.’s Flathead River Valley tomorrow. They hope to gain new information to advance bat conservation in B.C.’s southeast and to ultimately minimize the impacts of White Nose Syndrome, a mysterious disease that has killed millions of North American bats.

The four-day Bat BioBlitz, organized by conservation groups in B.C. and Alberta and led by Wildlife Conservation Society Canada’s bat biologist, Dr. Cori Lausen, will build on an initial inventory of Flathead bats that Lausen conducted last summer during a BioBlitz. That inventory detected two species of bats in the Flathead that are considered federally Endangered by the Committee on Endangered Wildlife in Canada: little brown myotis and northern myotis. ... Read more »

Farmers, Visionaries and Bat Girl! Wild Times Summer News

The latest edition of Wild Times, our quarterly newsletter, is hot off the presses. Look for it in coffee shops and businesses around your town or read it online here! 

The Future of Our Farms

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Kootenay folk have an insatiable appetite for locally-grown, homemade and organic food. Farming is hip again - young farmers are heading back to the family farm or finding small plots to start fresh.

In spite of this, changes to our Agricultural Land Reserve threaten the future of local farming across the province. For more than 40 years, BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve has been critical to protecting the farmland that feeds us. In the 1960s, five percent of BC’s land-base was placed in the ALR and 40 years later, five percent remains protected. In other words, it worked. ... Read more »

Celebrating Our Parks


This Saturday, July 19th, is Canada’s Parks Day. All across the country, Canadians will celebrate the important role parks play in maintaining healthy and resilient ecosystems, protecting critical habitat and contributing to human health and happiness. This year, however, many of our favourite BC parks are facing an uncertain future.

With the passing of the Park Amendment Act (Bill 4) in the BC Legislature this spring, consultation-free park boundary adjustments and industrial activities that were formerly prohibited in our parks are now permitted. ... Read more »

Jumbo Construction Green-Lighted Despite Environmental Issues

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One of BC’s most controversial projects, the Jumbo Glacier Resort, has been given the green light from the Environmental Assessment Office to proceed with development high in the Purcell Mountains with the submission of a self-report, jumping over the hurdle of 195 legally-binding conditions of their contentious Environmental Certificate without so much as a site visit.

“We’ve been told over and over again that the BC government will make sure the Jumbo Resort follows the strictest environmental standards, but now approval for construction is being granted based on a completely insufficient self-report and before a site visit takes place,” said Wildsight’s Robyn Duncan. “It would be laughable if there weren’t such real consequences.” ... Read more »