The Jumbo Saga Continues: Glacier Resorts to Seek Judicial Review


When Minister Polak announced on June 18, 2015 that the Jumbo Glacier Resort had not been substantially started, the Environmental Certificate for the project expired.

Whoops of joy erupted across BC, celebrating the historic announcement and the effective rejection of Jumbo, but there was notable silence from project proponent Glacier Resorts Ltd. And understandably so – without an Environmental Certificate, no development on the project can proceed. ... Read more »

The Story of a Wild River: Collecting Data on Lake Koocanusa


From my viewpoint looking out over Lake Koocanusa, I can’t help but imagine this landscape; pre-highway 3, pre-Libby dam, pre-flood. A wild river called the Kootenay. A river allowed to travel its course from riverbank to riverbank, and back again. Constantly depositing precious gravel, spawning substrates and nutrients to feed the river system. An endless system, originating north of Kootenay National Park, crossing the border into Montana, and back again to rest for a time as Kootenay Lake before plunging into the Columbia River at Castlegar. ... Read more »

Fourth Annual Flathead BioBlitz Aims to Catalogue Species


Fernie, B.C. -- Fourteen scientists will gather this Friday in B.C.’s Flathead and Elk valleys for a BioBlitz on three undeveloped parcels of land belonging to Teck Resources Ltd.

Teck purchased the land for conservation in October 2013, for $19 million. One parcel is the former Flathead Townsite, a 1,000-hectare section along the Flathead River that is important for bull trout, westslope cutthroat trout, grizzly bears and birds. The company also bought two 3,000-hectare parcels at Alexander Creek and Grave Prairie in the adjoining Elk Valley. ... Read more »

Kimberley - Open Gate Garden Get Together

Garlic Ready for Harvest

You are invited to the Open Gate Garden on Wednesday July 22nd from 7pm-9pm for an Open Gate Garden Get-Together. We will be harvesting some tasty treats, getting to know each other, learning about gardening, sharing gardening tips and tricks, and planting. Basically this is an invitation to get involved in the Open Gate Garden in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The Open Gate Garden is here for the whole community and we would like your input. This is your chance to share thoughts for the future of the garden.
This garden is ideal for you:

• If you have just enough time for a communal space, and not enough time for a personal garden,
• If you like to learn about gardening or share your knowledge,
• If you like sharing space,
• And if you love fresh local produce! ... Read more »

Work with us: Wildsight Invermere seeks Branch Manager

Work with Us: Wildsight Invermere seeks Branch Manager

Wildsight Invermere is the voice of environmental conservation in the Columbia Valley. We aim to engage with the local community to bring about positive change toward conservation and true sustainability. This job offers flexibility and diverse aspects, but requires a motivated individual who can work independently with direction from our board. This position will be 2 days/week starting this summer, but could expand with the right person and new financial support. Salary will depend on experience.

Please submit your resume and a brief story of an inspiring experience you had in nature to
DEADLINE: July 20th. Questions may be directed to Baiba at 250-341-3554.


NEW VIDEO! Experience our Education Programs First-Hand!

We are delighted to be able to showcase the inspiring work being done by passionate Wildsight educators all throughout the Columbia through this new video. Enjoy!

A big thanks to the filmmaker, Yana Kehrlein, to all of the sponsors and individual donors who make these programs possible, and to all the teachers, students and educators for your inspiration.

Students Work Together to Paint the Town for Drinking Water


As part of the Columbia Basin Trust’s Know Your Watershed program, 14 Grade 8 students from Golden Secondary School and 21 Grade 2/3’s from Alexander Park Elementary worked together to bright yellow faucet symbols beside storm drains around Golden. Through this special “Student Action Project,” the students learned that toxic gas spills, chemicals and other waste can wash into the storm drains and affect their drinking water.  ... Read more »

Go Wild: Youth Backpacking Trip into the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy


This August 15-20, a group of Kootenay youth will head out to explore the wilds of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy (PWC). Southern Canada's largest protected wilderness area, the PWC recently celebrated its 40th birthday and we want to celebrate. We are taking a trip of youth on a backpack trip to experience the region's breathtaking wilderness landscape and develop their outdoor leadership skills. 

Who: Youth, Aged 14-18

When: August 15-20

Where: The Purcell Wilderness Conservancy 

Guides: Wilderness guide, wildlife biologist and adventure writer Dave Quinn will lead the trip 

Cost: $150 per participant - gear rental can be provided for free, if required ... Read more »

Jumbo Rejected!

DSC_0188 (3).jpg

Today, the BC government announced that the Jumbo Glacier Resort’s Environmental Certificate has expired. Charged with making a determination as to whether the project had been substantially started after 10 years, Minister Polak concluded that it had not been. What does that mean? That the project no longer has an Environmental Certificate and cannot proceed.


Read the Substantial Start Determination here.

Stay tuned for more information soon, but for now, it’s time to celebrate this victory that we’ve all worked so hard for!


Farmers' Market Returns Every Thursday

Kimberley Farmers' Market

The Kimberley Farmers’ Market is back starting June 25th 2015! Start prepping your palates for everything local as we get ready for the 2nd year. The market will run every Thursday from 5:00pm – 7:30pm until September 10th.

Every week you can stock up on healthy local produce, eggs, meat, honey, berries, flowers, fruit, bread and baking. And that is not all. You will also have the opportunity to support local artisans by picking up their wares for you or a loved one, take in live music, and eat ready prepared foods from our food vendors.

Is your interest sparked? Follow this link for more information and to learn how to become a vendor:

Look Outside Celebration in Invermere, June 28


Please join us for the celebration and closing ceremony of Look Outside, our year-long photo contest! Awards will be awarded, drinks will be drunk, music and friends will be enjoyed, and snacks will be snacked on at the Pynelogs Cultural Center (1720 4th Ave) in Invermere on Sunday, June 28th from 5pm to 7pm. Everyone is welcome!

Thanks to our judges and our sponsors!

We want to thank you all for your participation and for sharing your love of the Purcells. It has been a beautiful year filled with wonderful photographs that captured and celebrated this region in such diverse and unique ways. The creativity we witnessed was astonishing and may we continue to view the Purcells with such clear focus.

Photo: Ryan Bavin

Speak Out Against the Jumbo Official Community Plan

Lucas_Jmief-People-in-Action-Lake-of-the-Hanging_Glacier_2009-055 (1) (1).jpg

The town with no people wants to adopt an Official Community Plan (OCP).The Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality’s (JGMRM) OCP is "intended to reflect the long term vision of the community.” Whose vision? What community? The JGMRM has no residents, an appointed mayor and council and is funded by $200,000 of BC taxpayer dollars every year.

Please join us in Radium on June 16 to speak out against this OCP without a community or send an email by Friday, June 12. Since Jumbo has no citizens, it falls to all of us to oppose this plan and this affront to local democracy and land-use. OCPs are intended to guide a community, not a corporate development.  ... Read more »

Kootenay Life: Protect What You Love


It may come as a sudden wave, or like a light breeze blowing off Kootenay Lake. It may come while consumed by the trail ahead of you, the waters surrounding you, or the people laughing next to you. It comes on days filled with outdoor adventures, when only the seasons determine what can or can’t be done. This is the feeling of living the Kootenay Life. ... Read more »

Kitchen & Garden Workshop Series: #2 We Love Rhubarb Kitchen Workshop & #3 Soil Mates Companion Planting Garden Workshop


Join Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook for the second and third of our spring series. The second installment, the "We Love Rhubarb Kitchen Workshop", takes part on June 16th in Kimberley and June 18th in Cranbrook. The last of the spring series, "Soil Mates Companion Planting Garden Workshop", takes part on July 7th in Kimberley and July 8th in Cranbrook. ... Read more »

Cigarette Butts in Our Community, by the Fernie Secondary School Grade 8 Students


On the 27th of May, the Grade 8’s of Fernie Secondary School picked up cigarette butts around town. The reason for this act was to help our town’s environment and water system by clearing the toxic butts. 

When you throw your butts on the ground they make their way through the Elk River and eventually to the Pacific Ocean after falling through storm drains. Studies have shown that a cigarette butt submerged in 1 liter of water can kill one fish because of the toxins in the butt. Cigarettes are extremely toxic; they contain things like gasoline, rat poison, and tar. The very harmful chemicals will cause cancer in humans as well as wildlife. We need to keep our butts off the ground by putting them in the provided ashtrays or garbage cans. ... Read more »

Kokanee Glacier Park Action Alert


The public is invited to comment on a proposed heli-ski tenure on the borders of Kokanee Glacier Park, which would include the Lemon, Kokanee, West Kokanee, Sitkum, Enterprise and Crusader Creeks. Kokanee Glacier Park is a refuge for wildlife and wilderness. The park and surrounding area are home to mountain goats, wolverines and old growth cedar and hemlock forests. The area is a beloved place for quiet wilderness recreation. The proposed heli-ski operation would negatively affect wildlife and impact public non-motorized winter recreation opportunities. ... Read more »

Kitchen & Garden Workshop Series: A Bee Happy Garden Workshop


The growing season is upon us and that means time to start amplifying the garden and using it's wonderful bounty! Back by popular demand is the Kitchen and Garden workshops offered by Wildsight Kimberley/Cranbrook and the Cranbrook Food Action Committee.

This first workshop of the season starts with A Bee Happy Garden Workshop on June 9th in Kimberley and June 11th in Cranbrook. The cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. The workshop will cover bee basics, how to attract bees to your garden, bee friendly plants, and how to build a native bee house. By the end you will have the knowledge to increase the amount of veggies in your garden by increasing the number of pollinators, and you will go home with a bee house you created!

For more info and to register click: ... Read more »

Remembering Ralph (1945-2015)

 Ralph 250 px.jpg

Ralph Moore was one of East Kootenay Environmental Society's most ardent activists in the early days. He served on both the Creston Branch and Regional Boards. He never hesitated to take on the status quo and was always a strong voice defending Creston 's watershed, winning the admiration of friends and foes alike. Ralph was never one to go along with the crowd, and always backed up his opinions with a solid argument and an impish grin. ... Read more »

Work Bee Wednesday - Kimberley Open Gate Garden

Shannon Planting

The Open Gate Garden is full of action this year as we develop this new initiative even more. Join us on Wednesday May 20th from 10am - 12pm as we get to work in a fun and inviting atmosphere. On Wednesday you can plan to:

- plant some plants and sow some seeds,
- work on the last bit of the willow weaving,
- make a wicking bed freezer for the garden just like the two we made in Cranbrook at the Wicked Raised Beds Workshop. If you missed the workshop in Cranbrook this is a great way to learn the technique.

We look forward to seeing you in the garden and if you have any questions or want to be added to the mailing list feel free to contact Dirk, our new Food Sustainability Coordinator at or 250-427-9325 x 221 ... Read more »

Wild and Scenic Film Festival to Stop in Nelson!


The Wild & Scenic Film Festival Tour is stopping in Nelson in June for a cinematic evening of stories set in wild landscapes around the world.

Join Wildsight for a journey to spectacular places and tales of adventures living life outside—all with a conservation mindset.The Wild & Scenic Film Festival, North America’s largest environmental film festival, will bring two hours of the beautiful, the exciting and the inspiring to Nelson’s Capitol Theatre on June 12 at 7:00pm, just in time to inspire your Kootenay summer adventures. ... Read more »

Graceful Grasslands: Focus on Restoration in the Rocky Mountain Trench


The Rocky Mountain Trench runs from Montana in the south all the way up to the BC-Yukon border. Also known as the Valley of a Thousand Peaks, this sensitive ecosystem is often overshadowed by the towering mountains that surround it—the Rocky Mountain range on its the east side and the Columbia and Cassiar ranges on its west.

But the trench is special in its own right. And needs our attention. Animals like Bighorn Sheep, Lewis’s woodpecker, mule deer and red-listed species like the American Badger rely on its grasslands. Farmers and livestock producers depend on it. If you’ve ever gone for a spring walk in the trench, you will know that its beauty and ecological diversity are breathtaking. ... Read more »

The David Thompson Legacy Art Project


Centre 64 invites the public to a slide presentation of the paintings, photographs and stories by Cranbrook artist, Joseph Cross, as he and Sharon, retraced the amazing journeys of the famous Canadian fur trader and surveyor, David Thompson, throughout our region. The results of Cross’s work is The David Thompson Legacy Art Project. This event, by donation, is being held Monday, May 4, 7-9 PM at Centre 64 in Kimberley. Funds collected will go to support the Symphony on the Mountain, and Wildsight Kimberley-Cranbrook branch.

Joseph will have at least one original painting on display from the series. Purchases of paintings or limited edition giclees as a result of this event, will result in a 10% donation made to the Symphony on the Mountain and Wildsight Kimberley-Cranbrook branch. ... Read more »

Environmental Assessment Office Determines Jumbo Glacier Resort in Non-compliance with Permit Condition

The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has issued a determination that Jumbo Glacier Resorts Ltd. is not compliant with the condition of its certificate that requires that ”…residential and commercial structures will be located completely outside the avalanche hazard area.”

After more than twenty years of controversy, Jumbo Glacier Resorts Ltd (GRL) must demonstrate that the project is “substantially started”. The Minister of Environment has yet to make this determination.

Autumn Cousins, EAO Manager of Compliance, stated in her correspondence with the would-be developers that “GRL must not resume construction at either the Day Lodge or Service Building Location for any purpose.” ... Read more »

It’s our turn to lead: kids across the Columbia Basin celebrate Earth Day 


Celebrated around the world, Earth Day falls every year on April 22nd. It is a day to celebrate the earth, our home. The theme of this year’s Earth Day is “It’s Our Turn to Lead.” And the kids participating in Wildsight’s Beyond Recycling program have taken this to heart. 

Since the fall, they’ve been on a journey to discover the impact of their lifestyles—product choices, energy, waste and consumption—and how their everyday actions affect the health of the planet. ... Read more »

Only 1% of BC is in wildlife refuges: Environmental Coalition calls on BC Wildlife Federation to work with them to create more


On the eve of the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) Annual General Meeting in Fernie, a coalition of environmental and conservation groups is calling on the BCWF to work with them to create a system of wildlife refuges to ensure healthy wildlife populations in BC for the benefit of all British Columbians, hunters and non-hunters alike. 

Wildlife refuges, or sanctuaries, are large areas of natural habitat where animals can breed and raise their young without being shot or trapped. By serving as source populations, they contribute to wider regional wildlife populations where hunting can occur outside of refuges. ... Read more »