Proposed New Mine Coal Mountain II: Submit Your Comments Today Demanding a Full Canadian Environmental Assessment

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Teck's new proposed mine, Coal Mountain II, is being proposed in the Martin Wheeler Ridge area in the southern Rocky Mountains. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Office is accepting public comments as to whether or not this new mine should be subject to an Environmental Assessment. Wildsight strongly believes that a full and comprehensive Canadian Environmental Assessment should be undertaken. Learn more about the proposed mine here, read our statement below and send your comment to:  ... Read more »

Jumbo: No Substance

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By Robyn Duncan

October 12 was a landmark date in the ongoing Jumbo saga. It was the date that I, and many others, have been awaiting for five years. At 11:59pm on October 12, the Environmental Certificate for the Jumbo Glacier Resort expired. Maybe. Over the course of the past 24 years, there have been a lot of landmark dates and landmark decisions. The question is always: what does this mean? What now? Here’s my take on where we're at and where we're going.

Jumbo Glacier Resort Environmental Certificate ... Read more »

BC Non-Profits Under Threat


Proposed changes to the Societies Act threaten BC’s 27,000 non-profit organizations. These non-profits, such as environmental and humanitarian groups, community and arts organizations and church groups, collectively contribute to a stronger province and an engaged civil society. They represent a wide diversity of voices and opinions and play a critical role in holding the government to account. ... Read more »

Pick Some Apples this Weekend at the Cranbrook Community Apple Harvest

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In the fall, as the nights turn colder, our local apples ripen on the tree and eventually fall to the ground. Fortunately, Wildsight has a solution to help locals make use of the local bounty of apples before they become a mess and a wildlife attractant. It's called the Apple Capture Project and it includes juicing, saucing, picking, and dehydrating equipment that Wildsight loans out free of charge in Kimberley and Cranbrook, a tree share board, and community juicing days.

Wildsight's next community juicing day is a special Thanksgiving celebration this weekend, Saturday Oct 11th. ... Read more »

Meet the Mushrooms

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Have you ever walked through the woods in the fall and been surprised by a bright yellow patch of witch’s butter on the butt of log or a brilliant orange cup fungi emerging from the ground? Have you noticed mushrooms forming in a fairy ring on your lawn or sticky Slippery Jacks suddenly appearing around the base of larch trees? Have you ever eaten wild mushrooms? Can you recognize shaggy manes, lobster and oyster mushrooms? Are you able to differentiate between a true and a false chanterelle?

Come prepared to see the forest in a different light. Join Robert Macrae, hosted by Wildsight, for a talk at the Creston Valley Public Library on Oct. 11 at 10 am, followed by a walk beginning at the Summit Creek turn-off at 1:30 p.m. ... Read more »

Jumbo Rally a Success: Planned Jumbo Construction Blocked by Mother Nature


Nearly 80 people showed up in the early hours of Saturday morning to protest the planned construction in the Jumbo Valley. It had been announced that 15 concrete trucks were headed up to pour concrete in the day lodge. The rally turned to one of celebration. 

Before everyone had even arrived at the site, Mother Nature had won. Cement trucks had been called back due to impassable roads. The heavy traffic over the summer combined with heavy precipitation and snow has left the road in bad shape. 

With 6 days left until the Environmental Certificate expires, Mother Nature is working her magic. 

Photo: Pat Morrow.