Tree to Table: Apples!


The Kootenay region is abundant with apples. Too often, this nutritious, sweet fruit is left to rot or get munched by hungry bears and other wildlife. 

But what if you could join a community picking event or borrow a fruit picking ladder and harvest trees that need picking yourself? What if you could attend a festival celebrating the glorious apple, complete with a local meat barbeque, events for the wee ones, horticulture workshops and an apple-pressing extravaganza? Or even borrow a free apple grinder and press to bring home and make delicious amber-coloured juice to put on your family’s table? 

Well guess what? This fall, you can do all of those things!  ... Read more »

Cranbrook Joins Global Climate March Saturday


This Saturday in Cranbrook, the People’s Climate March hits the streets to demand action against climate change from our elected leaders. The march is part of the global weekend of action ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York City. Cranbrook will be joining hundreds of thousands of people in New York City and at more than 1500 other rallies in 130 countries.
“This will be the biggest worldwide climate march yet” said Lars Sander-Green, Wildsight’s Climate Program Manager, “and will send a strong message to our elected leaders that real action on climate change just can’t wait any longer.” ... Read more »

Dispatches from the Jumbo Monitoring Camp


Guest Blog: K.L. Kivi from the Jumbo Monitoring Camp

Jumbo Valley, September 9, 2014

After a sudden, fierce shower last night, the Jumbo sky cleared suddenly, revealing the full moon rising sharply over the ridge to the east.

Even though the ridge is kilometers away, each tree stood out like a jagged tooth in front of the perfectly round, bright face of the moon.

We crawled into our cold beds shortly after a bank of fog ate the vista, moon and all. ... Read more »

2014 Jumbo Wild Hike


Join us for a hike to Jumbo Pass to celebrate its wild splendour! On September 20, we will be hosting an East-West Jumbo hike. Groups from the West Kootenay and East Kootenay will meet at the pass in solidarity to keep Jumbo Wild. If you want to join us, please register here so we can arrange carpooling and logistics. For those of you coming from the west, please sign up on the ecosociety's website.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Look Outside Photo Contest: August Winners

august winner LO.jpg

Congratulations to all three August winners!

Howard P. Smith climbs to the top of Mount Thompson. He says, "At 2100 meters elevation it's an alpine ecosystem. This alpine opening is visible from Creston and this is what it looks like up on the mountain in mid July. Bear grass blooms dominate but lots of other wildflowers are bursting forth. Evening is a wonderful time to enjoy the views, the setting sun and golden light in the meadows." This picture wins him the fantastic prize of a night in an alpine hut, provided by the Alpine Club of Canada. ... Read more »

Wildsight Welcomes our 800th Member

800th Member

Wildsight welcomes Laurie Morrison to our community as our 800th member!

Laurie enjoys skiing, biking and hiking in our beautiful corner of the world as well as exploring other adventurous spots around the world. She says, “I’m delighted to be the 800th member, encourage others to take out a membership and am so glad Wildsight has been there for us and the environment.”

Thanks Laurie! ... Read more »