Know Your Watershed is Out of the Gate and in a Creek Near You


The gorgeous fall weather had Kootenay schools out in their local creeks and rivers learning about the water systems that sustain their communities. Know Your Watershed, an environmental education program funded by Columbia Basin Trust and delivered by Wildsight, gets Grade 8 students out from behind their desks and into the field. Now in its fifth year, Know Your Watershed delivers programs in 24 schools in 18 communities. Clad in rain boots and clutching clipboards, the students test water quality, inventory aquatic life, visit water distribution and treatment plants and connect with community water groups. The goal of the program is to provide hands-on learning about watersheds and water-related issues in order to inspire and equip students to look after this precious resource.

Wild and Scenic Film Festival coming to Invermere, Nov 28 & 29

Barry Blanchard

Beat the November blues by coming to our action-packed Wild and Scenic Film Festival. We promise it will be the biggest and the best social event of the season. 15 films over 2 nights, featuring climbing, adventure, personal transformation, climate change, and local filmmakers, with a sizzling mixture of irreverence and a call to action. World renowned Canmore alpinist and guide Barry Blanchard is our special guest on Saturday. Barry has just published his new memoir, The Calling: A Life Rocked by Mountains, and will tell the rock ‘em sock ‘em stories that fast tracked his initiation into the realm of climbing legends-- from the character-shaping harsh realities of growing up Métis in Calgary, to the rough and tumble, unforgiving world of hardcore alpine climbing. ... Read more »

Jumbo: No Substance

Jumbo from Bastille, PM sm.jpg

By Robyn Duncan

October 12 was a landmark date in the ongoing Jumbo saga. It was the date that I, and many others, have been awaiting for five years. At 11:59pm on October 12, the Environmental Certificate for the Jumbo Glacier Resort expired. Maybe. Over the course of the past 24 years, there have been a lot of landmark dates and landmark decisions. The question is always: what does this mean? What now? Here’s my take on where we're at and where we're going.

Jumbo Glacier Resort Environmental Certificate ... Read more »

BC Non-Profits Under Threat


Proposed changes to the Societies Act threaten BC’s 27,000 non-profit organizations. These non-profits, such as environmental and humanitarian groups, community and arts organizations and church groups, collectively contribute to a stronger province and an engaged civil society. They represent a wide diversity of voices and opinions and play a critical role in holding the government to account. ... Read more »

Meet the Mushrooms

05-25-12 oyster-1.jpg

Have you ever walked through the woods in the fall and been surprised by a bright yellow patch of witch’s butter on the butt of log or a brilliant orange cup fungi emerging from the ground? Have you noticed mushrooms forming in a fairy ring on your lawn or sticky Slippery Jacks suddenly appearing around the base of larch trees? Have you ever eaten wild mushrooms? Can you recognize shaggy manes, lobster and oyster mushrooms? Are you able to differentiate between a true and a false chanterelle?

Come prepared to see the forest in a different light. Join Robert Macrae, hosted by Wildsight, for a talk at the Creston Valley Public Library on Oct. 11 at 10 am, followed by a walk beginning at the Summit Creek turn-off at 1:30 p.m. ... Read more »