Will our kids learn to love the wild?


You love the wild. So do we. 

Not everyone loves the wild like we do. From pipelines to ski resorts and farmlands to parks, our wild places are under threat. But the latest threat is more frightening: our government proposes to drastically reduce ecology and environmental studies in the BC science curriculum.  ... Read more »

Protect Farmland - Kill Bill 24!

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Farmers across the province are up in arms over proposed changes to the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). ... Read more »

Wildsight's Beyond Recycling Program Celebrates Earth Day in Classrooms Across the Columbia Basin

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Kids in classrooms around the Columbia Basin will celebrate Earth Day this coming week.  ... Read more »

Environmental Assessment regulations scrapped while BC Taxpayers Faced with Million-Dollar Jumbo Bill

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BC government support of the Jumbo Glacier Resort continues to be the centre of controversy.  ... Read more »

We're hiring!

Communications Manager

Wildsight is seeking a highly motivated individual to work on our communications team. We’re looking for a team player who is interested in Wildsight’s work and in advancing a career in communications and advocacy-oriented work. The successful applicant will join the highly-motivated, dynamic Wildsight Team. ... Read more »

Tell the BC Government you don’t want your tax dollars funding Jumbo Glacier Resort

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It’s been more than a year since the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality was created by the BC government with a $260,000 handout. With no tax base and no resident population, the JGMRM had no revenue. ... Read more »